0049_2015milesoverholtDr. Miles H. Overholt is the Principal of Riverton Management Consulting Group.  He has over 35 years of consulting and research expertise in strategy execution and organizational design, as well as in guiding change for organizations, teams, and individuals.

He is the team leader and co-developer or Measuring the Alignment of People and Processes© (MAPP) which assesses organizational alignment and identifies an organization’s DNA.

He is the author of Building Flexible Organizations: A People Centered Approach, a book and concept ahead of its time in describing how employees and organizations fit to create high performance.  He also has authored numerous articles and white papers on topics such as: strategy execution, high performing organizations and teams, leading change in organizations, teams and individuals.

Miles is a practicing family therapist who incorporates the sophisticated systems approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine and native American healing into his work with patients.

As a consultant, he leads companies, groups, and individuals through self discovery, organizational redesign and guided change.  As a coach, his ability to integrate professional development with personal growth, personal growth with team development and team development with strategic change, enables him to develop the individual executive and impact the organization’s strategy execution.

Dr. Overholt’s extensive experience includes:

  • Developing statistically valid and reliable strategy and organizational behavior instruments.
  • Building and leading teams and groups to high performance.
  • Developing people by identifying and building on their strengths, expanding their perspectives and using their skills to sustain their change.
  • Twenty years experience in platform speaking.
  • Designing, developing, and leading workshops on strategy execution, leadership and management skills.

He is has been active in a number of professional organizations.  His undergraduate degree is from Lafayette College and he earned his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania.




Alan Severance has joined Riverton Management Consulting Group as senior operations/ manufacturing expert.  He has a successful track record of innovative and cost-effective solutions to business problems.  Due to his strong leadership skills and experience, he has led cross-functional teams to accomplish continuous improvement of processes and product.

His experience includes leading several transformative initiatives to support market changes, integrating Sales and Operations Planning processes to ensure a consistent company-wide approach to business planning and leading successful turnarounds in manufacturing operations.  Consequently, he is skilled in structuring organizations to effectively address current and future market requirements, as well as recruiting, training, and leading multi-disciplinary professionals to deliver high value returns on investment.

Alan’s projects have helped companies improve productivity and reduce cost through the application of people-centered approaches to LEAN Manufacturing.  He also has developed opportunities and career paths to advance management and workforce, and has created succession plans and programs for professional development.

Manufacturing solutions are key to successful growth and stability to manufacturing companies.  The global economy revolves around the stability of the manufacturing sectors and Alan knows and has researched methods that create a vibrant and stable manufacturing business.

Alan received his MBA in Organization and Management from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.