milesStrategy Execution With Dr. Miles Overholt

Senior level executives need to understand how to make the complex process of aligning their organizations to the strategy simple.  Dr. Overholt guides executives through this learning process in a straight forward manner, building on his years of knowledge to show how the alignment process can be made simple. This workshop is based on his extensive research on high performing organizations and change strategy, as well as Dr. Overholt’s thirty years experience in leading and driving change management. Executives will leave with a clear understanding of how to align their organizations and increase productivity.

What are the critical attributes of executing a strategy?  What distinguishes great organizations from their competitors?  What must companies do to execute different strategies for different markets well?  Dr. Overholt presents key findings from his research as well as guiding workshop participants through a short self-assessment of their own organization’s ability to execute their strategy well.  Each executive will leave with a blueprint of their organization and ways to make immediate improvements.

How do you grow  your managers so they can increase productivity without increasing costs?  How do your managers ensure smooth coordination of their people and processes?   How do you make certain that you managers understand how to run an effective and efficient unit and maximize everyone’s efforts?  Managers who complete this workshop will understand how to increase performance by learning the organizational dynamics of their unit and identifying the process levers that can improve their department’s performance.  Participants use the My MAPP assessment tool designed specifically for departmental level management, to evaluate how they manage, identify the gaps between people and processes in their departments and develop the interventions to improve performance.  This is a hands-on, engaging workshop that energizes your managers.



Basic Training for Supervisors Workshop (Managers, Supervisors, newly-appointed Supervisors, and in-house supervisory Candidates) Provides instruction, discussion and role-play with the building blocks of: definitions, roles and responsibilities, communication, motivation, time and task management, and problem solving.  Can be used as a one-day workshop, but is better as a series of multi-week one and a half to two hour sessions.

Basic Communication Workshop(Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders):  Teaching leaders to be better communicators through practice and role play.  Includes all Special Communications segments

Special Communications:  Active Listening (Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders):  Used as part of the Basic Communication workshop or a stand-alone session to hone skills.

Special Communications:  Coaching(Managers and Supervisors):  Used as part of the Basic Communication workshop or a stand-alone session to hone skills.

Special Communications:  Disciplining (Managers and Supervisors):   Used as part of the Basic Communication workshop or a stand-alone session to hone skills.

Problem Solving:  (Managers, Supervisors and Professional Staff):   One day Workshop – Power Point presentation of steps in the problem solving process followed by facilitation of a complex or multi-function problem.  Can be repeated with two-hour or half day sessions to follow up and reinforce learning

Facilitator Training Workshop (Mangers, Supervisors, Continuous Improvement Team Leaders):  Multi-day, multi-topic training workshop; includes meeting management and listening skills, communication skills, time management, and conducting problem-solving sessions for teams and multi-functional committees.

Time Management (Supervisors, Managers and Professional Staff):   Includes meeting management skills.

Owners’ Manual for Lean Manufacturing (Owners, Executives, Managers):   Introductory session for those who want an understanding of Lean.

Getting Started in Lean Manufacturing Workshop (Supervisors, Managers, team leaders, line leaders, and team members):   Provide an overview of Lean practices and training in creating a Lean plan for the client.  Includes follow up sessions with steering committee and individual teams as required.

5S Workshop (Supervisors, Managers, Team Members):  Power Point presentation followed by a walk through the shop with red tape and red tags; reconvene to list next steps for the group, with time table and assignments.  Follow-up visit and walk-through to assess progress and reinforce learning.

Safety Management Workshop (Supervisors, Managers, Safety Committees):  Setting up a workable process for successful Safety Committees.

Sales and Operations Planning (Executives, Managers):  Overview of Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning Workshop (Executives, Managers, Planners):  How to create the Plan for your manufacturing company