Riverton Management Consultant Group Services

      • Highly experienced cultural transformation specialists.Work led and done by experienced consultants who can implement and teach concurrently.
      • Consultants who know how to team and partner with you and help with high risk, high reward integration, and/or change initiatives.
      • Consultants who are experts in working with people and in creating performance.
      • Experts who have conducted their own proprietary research to identify optimal ways to assess and improve performance.
      • Consultants who work with only a few organizations so that their focus is on you.
      • Consultants who understand how individuals, teams, and functions all fit together.

Based on thirty five years experience in leading strategy execution and change management efforts in many different industries, we partner with your executives to design, develop, manage, and measure small and large efforts to increase your company’s performance.

Our services are listed below:

Company Building

We guide executive teams in developing:

      • Strategy Execution Implementation Plans
      • Strategic Transformations
      • Strategic Initiatives Project
      • Culture Change

We help executives to: Understand the impact of their decisions on their employees and help their employees understand how to become engaged in building the organization.

Team Building

We guide executives in developing:

      • Strategically Aligned Executives Teams
      • Horizontal Functional Teams
      • Performance Improvement Initiatives

Performance Improvement guide executive teams to:

      • Identify Root Cause Performance Blockages
      • Identify Strategic and Tactical Interventions to Improve
      • Track the Impact of Interventions and Make On-going Adjustments


As strategy execution experts, we offer highly focused coaching that helps your executives and key people re-align with the organization.  We offer concise, business language assessments and summaries that discuss the individual’s performance within the context of what your company needs to achieve.  We guide executives in developing:

      • Strategic Leadership Ability
      • Global Leadership Ability
      • Performance Management Ability
      • Professional Growth for Leadership

Lean Organizations

We guide executives to:

      • Find and eliminate waste in every part of the organization
      • Learn the tools to create and sustain the best practice of waste reduction
      • Structure teams to effect the changes

Organizational Assessments

Based on extensive research, we have developed a set of organizational assessment tools that measure strategic risk:

      • Strategic Planning
      • SBU Performance Assessment
      • SBU Enterprise Risk Assessment
      • SBU and Functional Initiative Impact Assessment
      • Function and Department Performance and Alignment Assessment
      • Senior, Functional, Cross-Functional and other type of team alignment


Pulling from a wide range of experts and our own research and experience, we have a variety of workshops that engage your leaders and employees in understanding how to change organization and individual behavior to improve performance.  Our workshops are:

      • Customized to your organization
      • Highly interactive
      • Focus on reality