Our work is best judged by our clients’ growth and change that leads to high performance. Consulting, coaching and conducting research is all about a balanced combination of our clients’ needs and our professional passions.

Our task is to bring out our clients’ strengths, build on them and teach them how to use those strengths on a consistent basis.  Our task, no matter what our role, is to guide a process that enables our clients to do the work they need to do to bring about organizational, team or individual change and high performance.

Ethics are the bedrock of any professional and guide all professional behavior.


    • Highly experienced cultural transformation specialists. Work led and done by experienced consultants who can implement and teach concurrently.
    • Consultants who know how to team and partner with you and help with high risk, high reward integration, and/or change initiatives.
    • Consultants who are experts in working with people and in creating performance.
    • Experts who have conducted their own proprietary research to identify optimal ways to assess and improve performance.
    • Consultants who work with only a few organizations so that their focus is on you.
    • Consultants who understand how individuals, teams, and functions all fit together.


Strategy Execution

  • Guided a financial services company through a strategic shift that included a culture change to teaming that enabled it to compete more successfully.
  • Guided the Division Chief Operating Officer and HR Vice President of a division of a high-tech manufacturing, sales, and service company in interpreting and applying the results of an organization behavior assessment to its annual operating plan.
  • Assisted a health care organization’s shift to meet its changing market, redesigning the organization functionally and geographically, and helping executives and directors plan and manage the resulting organizational change process.
  • Helped a supply chain management company re-align its management processes with corporate strategic direction, changing the organization from a reactive, functional specialist, to a proactive, global provider.
  • Led a division of a global telecommunications company through its transition from a national to a global focus, involving 500 employees in sequential workshops redefining vision, mission, and values, and eliminating barriers to effectiveness.


  • Guided a national retailer in its growth to global  in its niche through coaching, workshops, and executive advisory meetings.
  • Led a company-wide, participative organization redesign of a software products and services firm, enabling the company to meet its demanding market and growth strategies.
  • Led a department-wide transformation for a global internal audit department of a Fortune 50 company, significantly reducing audit report cycle time and reducing costs.
  • Led the transformation of an IT department in a global financial services company to a global focus, involving 100 employees in redefining vision, mission, and values, and re-engineering the entire network service process.


  • Helped an organization implement self-managed work teams at site locations, moving decision-making to more appropriate organizational levels and geographic locations, and enhancing the strategic focus of site team management.
  • Led an emergency services department through organization redesign and team-building, enabling the staff to increase volume, decrease costs, and significantly improve patient satisfaction.

Research and Metrics

  • Led international team of experts on strategy execution and management in designing, developing, and testing a reliable and valid alignment assessment, Measuring the Alignment of People and Processes (MAPP).  It identifies organizational DNA and its related organizational behavior enabling executives to design precise change interventions, strategy execution initiatives, and changes.
  • Co-leader of the State-of-the-Art research study for the HR: People and Strategy Association.  Presented the results to the national conference.

Presentations and Speaking

  • Have designed, developed, and delivered speeches, presentations, and talks to global organization management, changing organizations, changing people, and strategy execution to a wide variety of management groups and associations, professionals, and peers.
  • Have designed, developed, and delivered speeches, presentations and talks on global a organization management, changing organizations, changing people and strategy executives to a wide variety of management groups and associations, professionals, and peers.