Lean Organization Training

We offer management overview sessions and hands-on team training to teach everyone in your organization of the value of going Lean.  We will show why waste reduction is a faster way to improve bottom line performance than most traditional cost cutting initiatives, providing measurable results.  We teach your teams to understand their own improvement needs and provide them problem-solving tools and ideas.  We will help you instill continuous improvement into your culture.

Five S Training

Ready to begin a Lean Manufacturing initiative and want to begin getting some of the benefits immediately?  Our 5S training sessions is customized for your plant.   We offer a practical, hands-on workshop that will begin to pay back as we train.  After a discussion of your goals, we will tour your facility and begin training your key people:  team leaders, supervisors, entire production lines.  We will leave you with a blueprint to follow or stay with you to oversee the process start-up.

Manager Training

We provide coaching to help managers and executives understand their new roles and enhance communication and problem solving skills.  Using a combination of their real-world problems and role-play, we will give them practical tools for leading teams.  In addition to the on-site training, we stay in touch with each manager and executive to provide guidance for as long as necessary.  On-site refresher sessions are also available.

Facilitator Training

The ultimate training tool: facilitators on call when you need them.  Is there an issue requiring engineering and production input and agreement?  Use your own trained facilitator to assist the group problem-solving effort to obtain a workable, consensus solution.  We will teach your people how to manage meetings for problem solving, continuous improvement, and information sharing.  Training will provide an understanding of the basics of communication and meeting management, including time management, as well as practice sessions held with the guidance of one of our instructors.