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Measuring the Alignment of People and Processes© (MAPP)

MAPP is a research based, statistically proven model and organizational assessment that:

  • Is a simple way to think about alignment, a complex concept that often leaves most of us scratching our heads.
  • Is a model of organization dynamics, of the interrelationship between an organization’s DNA (values and beliefs) and its behavior.
  • Measures and illustrates how well an organization’s values and beliefs as well as behaviors align with its strategy.
  • Is a map of how an organization performs.
  • Guides executives in their efforts to obtain higher performance from current resources.
  • Is a blueprint for higher performance.
  • Is a research based model to help executives transform their organization, develop strategic capabilities, execute new strategies, improve performance, and assess the viability acquisitions.

MAPP  – What does it do?

MAPP assesses your organization’s capability to execute its strategy.  The results provide management and you with a snapshot of the underlying structure of your organization.  Specifically, it measures how well the values and beliefs, the organization’s DNA or mindsets, align with its daily behaviors to support its strategy.

MAPP is a standardized and valid organization assessment based on over fifteen years of research on organizational behavior.  Based on years of empirical research, MAPP simplifies the complexity of the organization to easily understood drivers of strategic execution.  MAPP enables executive teams to see how their organization’s mindsets help or hinder performance and rapidly identify interventions to improve performance.

How Long Does It Take to Complete?

The questionnaire consists of 63 questions and 7 demographic questions.  Typically, most people finish the entire questionnaire in 20 minutes.

What Does MAPP Provide?

MAPP provides executive teams with much more powerful information and knowledge about your organization than any employee satisfaction or culture survey.  It provides executives with scores on:

  • Execution readiness
  • Alignment
  • Strategic consistency
  • Agility
  • Customer touch ability
  • Innovation
  • Teaming ability
  • People Development
  • Engagement
  • Readiness for Change


The results of MAPP are analyzed by the creators of MAPP:  Drs. Elena Granell, Albert Vicere, and Miles Overholt.

Organizational Risk Assessment© (ORA)

The external threats to organizations have never been larger.  A changing climate, world-wide terrorism, computer viruses, economic instability, and more threaten organizations’ daily operations.  Internally, organizations remain exposed to financial malfeasance, negligence, error, mismanagement, and physical hazards.  The best defense against these threats is a well thought out response plan and crucially, the ability to implement the plan under stress.

The Organizational Risk Assessment (ORA) helps organizations assess their ability to effectively implement these plans under stress.  It assesses their ability to manage daily operations as well as implementing risk mitigation policies, plans, and imperatives.  The results of the ORA provide organizations with the data to develop changes to improve their ability to meet external and internal threats.

The ORA is based on fifteen years of research in a wide variety of companies and many different risk scenarios.  Its results significantly predict loss and have consistently accurately assessed performance.  For example, the ORA has accurately predicted organizations’ abilities to respond to outside threats, such as hurricanes and changes in the marketplace.

All the above can also  be set In a “What should be” phrasing to assess the beliefs and perceptions for planning future scenarios.

All the above for Non-Governmental Organizations.

All the above for non-profit Organizations.

All the above in English, French, German, Spanish, Korean and Czech.


MAPP Database
MyMAP database
DNA Database
Organizational Behavior Database
Customer Focus Culture Database

MAPP Clients:

Allied Waste, Perot Systems, Arsenault Associates, PHRPG ecommerce Study, Atlantic City Medical Center, Price Waterhouse, Bell and Howell, QVC, Bristol Myers Squibb, RHR International, Centeon, Shaw Aero Devices, Delta Global, South Seas Resort Company, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Strategis, Graham Packaging, Systech Environmental, Humana, Sleepy-Eye, James Brown Trucking, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmH, John Alden, Vanguard,  Layne Christensen, Vertex Management Centre Europe, Vitra Seating Inc., Medford Schools, World Food Program



In today’s world, the key to managing performance lies in creating strategic alignment within any organization.  Strategic alignment impacts every worker every moment of every day.  Alignment links the daily tasks to the big picture, reinforcing the importance of an employee’s work and labor to the success of the company.  Alignment enables the work flow to move effectively; misalignment snarls the work flow and frustrates everyone.

My partners and I (Dr. Elena Granell- Instituto de  Empresa, Spain, Dr. Al Vicere, Vicere Associates and Pennsylvania State University, and Dr. David Lopez, iAnalytics) have spent the last ten years researching the linkage between strategy, processes, infrastructure, behavior and organizational mindsets. We have found the key mindsets (DNA) that drive behavior in organizations and the critical processes and behaviors that link strategy to daily action.  We have linked strategy to behavior and identified the mindsets that drive the behavior.

We have developed a model of the core belief systems of the company (how much employee latitude is needed in the company), and the critical processes that drive strategy execution (supervisory relationships) and created an easy to understand MAPP to view alignment.  In our findings, the interaction between DNA and Behavior equal Strategic Capability and Execution. The MAPP model enables executives to readily see how well aligned they are, how to design new approaches and the critical areas to change to increase alignment.

We use the MAPP model and assessment as a basic systems measurement tool for examining the many facets of organizational effectiveness:

  • As an alignment assessment tool that readily shows miss-alignments, blockages and critical areas to correct misalignment.
  • As the “engine” to determine alignment in our computer based management simulation.
  • As a fundamental tool for assessing organizational effectiveness by linking performance measures to alignment.
  • As an integrating tool to determine the effectiveness of other organizational measures, such as employee satisfaction and 360° feedback measures.
  • As a strategic planning model to determine current capabilities and to develop new strategic capabilities.
  • As the basic measurement tool to assess organizational risk of all levels, from individual safety to enterprise-wide risk.


Using our valid and reliable organizational assessment tools, we link your performance outcome metrics, employee satisfaction and other in-house metrics to create easy to understand models of your company’s operations.

For example, our organizational alignment assessment results can be linked to:

  • MBTI, DISC, or other personality assessments
  • Functional competencies
  • Individual competencies
  • Company performance measures
  • Company financial measures
  • Individual health measures* (to create custom designed preventive health programs for companies)
  • Spirituality assessments*

*Questionnaires already developed with alpha testing completed.