Linking People and Strategy


Executives are continually making decisions to improve and fine tune the performance of their organization.  The key to improving performance is to link the deep drivers of strategy with those who do the daily work, the employees.  Linking the strategy drivers with the organizations’ employees requires executives to identify and understand their organization’s unique mix of drivers, and to engage employees in a continuous process of aligning drivers with the daily work.

The drivers of strategic operations are the mindsets, behaviors, and processes that create the organization’s DNA or strategic backbone.  The unique mix of these three sets of strategic drivers determines the organization’s ability to execute, and defines its capabilities.  A shift in any of the three, due to strategic changes or tweaks, necessitates a change in the other two.  Failure to rebalance the organization decreases organizational alignment and creates clumsier performance.

Everyone in the organization shares the risk of the strategy failing and the reward of it succeeding.  Everyone in the organization must, as part of their job responsibility, ensure that the organization performs at the highest level.  Everyone has a vested interest in the success of the whole organization.  And everyone will make a personal assessment of the risk and reward of continuing to work in the organization.  The risk and reward of strategic success or failure is therefore a compelling way to engage executives and employees in continually realigning the organization.