Creating the Culture for Change

strategyredcogsIf you are looking at Lean as a way to transform your company’s culture to improve your bottom line, beware!

To accomplish any major strategy change in your firm, you need to understand that you will be challenging and changing your existing culture.  Do you know what your culture is now?  Do you understand what parts of it impede change, especially dramatic change?  What current strategies will support your initiative?  How can you prove that change is necessary and desirable – to the doubters within and to your board?

Most manufacturing executives decide to plunge ahead with a Lean Manufacturing initiative because they have been convinced it will begin contributing to the bottom line immediately (true) and because the effort itself will change the company’s culture to one of team effort and active problem solving (maybe).

And many other executives think that Lean Organization is their goal for the same reasons.  There is so much literature touting the positive effects of Lean thinking, that too many company owners and executives think that accomplishing change is akin to pressing the Staples EASY Button.  Do not reach for the button!

Instead, follow current thought and create the culture necessary to support a successful strategic change.  Just as there are current discussions of the difficulties with this, there are some significant tools available to bring this about.  A thoughtful assessment of your firm’s readiness to respond to support you will provide both the present picture and the steps required to align your culture with your proposed changes in strategy.  Think how much more successful your change initiative will be with the critical mass of your people in aligned in support.