Riverton Management Consulting Group…

Riverton Management Consulting Group uses a People Centered™ approach in leading organizational transformations, implementing strategic initiatives, managing turn-arounds, enterprise wide and large IT systems and rapid growth. We have the proprietary tools and knowledge to help executives actively engage employees in designing and implementing change, creating a work force that embraces a shared, high performance future.
We have over thirty-five years of experience in creating a process that makes management and employees co-developers of the organization’s future. We use a roll out process that engages all in thinking through and understanding what are the deep drivers of the organization and how these drivers impact performance and engagement. We have developed this approach by combining our extensive experience with almost twenty years of research in identifying the drivers of change.
We have built our firm on the belief that employees and management have the intellectual and emotional capability to design organizational change that benefits everyone while increasing performance. Our job is to develop organizational self awareness at all levels to create mutual respect between management and employees.